What to Avoid in an Interview?

Different stories abound regarding candidates who apparently were perfect on paper, and who proved to be absolute failures in person. You should try and learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid some of these common interview blunders.

• The initial poor handshake can make futile all your future efforts in building a solid rapport with your interviewer. Your handshake tells much more about your personality and attitude than you think. Avoid the “limp hand” handshake which gives the impression of disinterestedness and weakness as well as the “arm pump” handshake which displays an overly aggressive attitude.

• Over talkative candidates are abhorred by employers. Avoid taking a lot of time for answering direct questions. This gives the interviewer the impression that the candidate is unable to talk precisely or get straight to the topic in question. Nervous talkers sometimes go on talking incessantly. It seems as though the candidate is outright lying or has something to hide. You should make a practice to answer questions directly. Nervous talking can be avoided through prior preparation of interview through role – play.

• You must avoid talking negatively regarding your current or earlier employers/supervisors, irrespective of the fact that your complaints are reasonable. Showing disrespect of your earlier boss will give the impression to your interviewer that in future you might similarly speak ill of him or her.

• You must avoid showing up too early or late. It is ideal to come for the interview about ten minutes early. Arriving earlier will give the impression that the jobseeker has a lot of spare time in his/her hands and is pretty desperate about the job. You must also avoid being late at any cost as this will prove your laziness as well as disinterestedness regarding the job.

• Do not ask about the benefits or perks, salary or vacation time during your first interview. You must allow sufficient time to pass for the interviewer to get impressed by you before you can talk about these things.

• You should avoid coming for the interview without doing any research of the organization. The fastest way of creating a terrific impression is by demonstrating your interest in the organization through the form of planned, intelligent questions.

• Try to put up a calm and confident front and avoid verbal ticks – “umm”, “you know”, “like”. You can pause for some seconds for collecting your thoughts altogether, prior to each response.

• Avoid too much or too little eye contact. You will tire the interviewer out by great degree of eye contact. On the other hand, too little eye contact will also result in you being perceived by the interviewer as shifty, disinterested or untruthful.

Try to mirror the interviewer’s specific communication tone or style. Be businesslike or succinct if the interviewer appears to be like that. If the interviewer seems personable, try and discuss his or her interests. This will help to create a favorable impression about you. Polishing on the interview skills and avoiding the above mentioned pitfalls can go a long way in getting you the job offer.

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