Types of Interview Questions

For a successful handling of a job interview, prior idea and research about probable questions is an absolute necessity. This will help a candidate to display the required confidence when standing face to face with his prospective employer.

Job Specific Questions: These questions may determine whether you are capable enough to handle the job – whether you have the requisite knowledge, skill sets as well as personal attributes. Certain examples are:

a) What aspects of your education do you find relevant to the position
b) What led you to pursue……

Certain questions may be asked pointing to the reason why the employer should consider you over other candidates. These are:

a) Tell us about your strength and weaknesses
b) What are those skills or qualities which you will bring?
c) Tell us why you will be the best fit for this job.

General Questions: These questions are asked at the start of the interview and can range from typical to the unexpected ones. You can expect questions relating to your qualifications, career interests, academic preparation, as well as general experience and are designed for assessment of your personality.

- Tell us about yourself
- What were the reasons for leaving your last job?
- Do you have any idea about this company?
- Why are you keen to be employed with this organization?
- What is your work philosophy?

Illegal Interview Questions: Direct questions relating to your age and date of birth are illegal. Probable legal alternatives could be:

- Are you 18 years and above?
- After employment, can you provide age proof?

Direct questions associated with marital or family status are considered illegal. Certain examples are:

- Are you married?
- What are the numbers of children you have?
- Are you pregnant?

Questions relating to minimum height or weight requirements and disability are unlawful, unless these are absolutely essential for specific job performance. Questions regarding race, religion, color and national origin are also considered illegal.

Behavioral Interview Questions: These types of interview questions provide scope to set examples of performance/achievements in the past. Your handling of the question can give a clue to your prospective employer regarding your future performance. You should note that the interviewers are focusing on actual past performance and your capability of handling real life situations and not what you would hypothetically do.

An example of this kind of question is “Tell us about an incident which displayed your effective leadership skills”. You may deliver this answer making use of the STAR model.


An example answer would be: (S) “When working at MacDonald’s in the position of a shift supervisor, (T) I saw that the employees overall performance gradually was deteriorating. (A) To augment staff performance, I decided to lead by example instead of speaking to each individual member with regard to their performance. (R) The initiative on my part resulted in a raised performance of customer service on the shift I was supervising, and consequently I was given the best Employee of the Month Award”.

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