Top 10 Questions You Can Ask

1. What is the most important (crucial) part of this job? This question directly focuses on the job responsibilities and the demands associated with the position/role. By getting to know the most crucial part of your job responsibilities, you will be getting a fair idea of what to bring to the table and whether you do possess the required skill set and qualifications to do justice to the job.

2. Could you describe your perception of an ideal candidate for this position? When the interviewer says that he gives value to those candidates with certain traits like precision, diligence, and discipline, you will get an idea about the expectations of the interviewer. You will be able to evaluate whether the job is a good fit to your skills and qualifications.

3. What are the short/long term goals for this department? Your interviewer should be able to perfectly define the short term and long term objectives/visions of the department/organization. Short term goals may be those which may be achieved within twelve months and those which bring in instant cash flow through increased sales or profit. Long term goals are those which may be achieved as a result of strategic planning over five to eight years. These are long term visions of the organization like newer market penetration, sales alliances, as well as transformation of customers brand image.

4. How would my performance be assessed? You must get a clear cut answer from your employer when you pose this question. If the interviewer fails to give any concrete answer to your query, there is a chance of you being at the whims of an unpredictable and arbitrary boss.

5. When could I start? This question should be reserved at the later stages of the interview when you are sure of the fact that you will be hired.

6. How much will I be expected to travel? Certain company positions, especially related to sales and marketing require extensive traveling and may even call for relocation. You should evaluate your comfort level with regard to traveling and relocation prior to joining the company.

7. What is a typical career path for this position? You should get to know the path of your career growth and the opportunities for professional advancements within the organization, like promotions, hike in salary, etc.

8. How would you describe the environment I'll be working in? You can ask this question to get an idea of your coworkers as well as your future supervisors. The expectations, the typical culture, and the idea about the overall feel of the environment are certain things you must be equipped with beforehand to fit yourself smoothly into the new setting, rather than be in for a rude shock later on.

9. To whom would I report? Ask this question to your interviewer and see if you can get to meet your prospective boss/supervisor.

10. What will be my main responsibilities for this position? Get to know your exact job role, the working hours, the main responsibilities involved as well as the targets. See if those match your skills, professional qualifications along with your mental constitution.

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