Top 10 Interview Questions

Here are a list of the top ten most frequently asked questions in a job interview and brief ways to tackle them.

1. Tell me about yourself:
This is the most frequently asked interview question. You must be prepared with a brief statement beforehand. However, try to make it sound as natural as possible, and not rehearsed. Your answer should be limited to job-related items mostly, unless you are instructed otherwise.

2. Describe your ideal job:
Avoid giving descriptions about any specific job. The ideal reply would be to give a generalized, neutral one. Say things like your ideal job is one where you love the role, the people around, there is scope for contribution, and you feel eager to get back to work daily.

3. What motivates you?:
There is no perfectly right and wrong answer to this question. The interviewer is trying to decipher the key to your success in the position you are being interviewed for, and desires to ensure that you are a good fit. Think honestly beforehand what actually motivates you and support your answer with certain examples. It could be challenge, recognition or a sense of achievement.

4. Why did you leave your previous position?:
Do not refer to any major management problem or speak ill about your co-workers, or supervisors in your previous organization. Try to keep smiling and state positive reasons like better opportunity, a scope to accomplish something special, and such other reasons for leaving your last job.

5. What Are Your Weaknesses?:
Your employer very well knows that no one is perfect. Thus you can be honest about your flaw and also add some suggestions for improvement of your shortcoming.

6. What are your short, medium and long-term goals?:
Long term goals refer to 5years hence and short term goals are those existing currently or within 6 months to 1 year. You should describe career goals in sync with the companyís vision and objectives.

7. Why should I hire you?:
Point out your assets which will cater to the organizational needs. Do not directly draw fingers at any other candidate to draw a comparison.

8. Site some examples of your ability to be a team player:
Have some examples ready to show that you frequently performed for overall teamís good rather than only for yourself. State those in a spontaneous manner and avoid bragging.

9. What salary/rate are you looking for?:
It is better not to answer this tricky question first, but catch the interviewer off guard by asking him the range he has in mind for the position. It is also safe to give a wide range on your part and say that it should depend on the job details.

10. When Were You Most Satisfied in Your Job?:
The interviewer wants an idea of the things which motivate you. It would be ideal if you could furnish instances of a project or job which excited you and also state the reasons that kept you motivated till the end.

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