Telephone Interviews

Phone interviews are growing phenomena among the search committees to eliminate poorly qualified candidates and invite only those for the in-office interview who seem to fit in the requirements of a particular company. Phone interviews are crucial for jobseekers to convince the interviewers of their worthiness to proceed to the next step of the job interview process.

How to make the best of your phone interview?

• Introduce yourself directly and distinctly. You can engage in “small talk” right at the start of the telephone interview in a similar manner you would have done on a face-to-face interaction.

• Voice modulation and speaking clearly in the receiver should be given utmost importance. Your voice will reveal both your attitude towards the caller as well as your eagerness, zest, and enthusiasm for the prospective job.

• Keep your resume as well as the specific job description handy for reference.

• Keep a pencil and a paper pad ready for making notes. Try not to shuffle papers in the background.

• It should not matter to the candidate how or where the interview takes place. The message is to convince the interviewer/employer that you will be the best choice for the particular position.

• In case you come to know of the interview schedule well in advance, it would be wise to prepare carefully in the same manner as you most probably would have done for a formal face-to-face interview in an office. Certain candidates find it useful to dress suitably for telephone interviews.

• The main advantage of a telephone interview is the fact that you may prearrange notes for keeping you on the right track. Any sort of distraction should be eliminated from the immediate environment.

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