Second Interview - What to do?

It is definitely gratifying to have been given a call for a second or a subsequent interview, as you can consider yourself a step closer to getting that coveted job. Majority of the guidelines which applied to the first interview also are related to the second interview.
However in comparison to your first interview, your second interview will involve greater preparation, more questions, more people as well as higher pressure and more intensity.

Try to take note of situations or questions which caused difficulty on your earlier interview, and make concrete plans to handle those points better at the time of second interview. Brainstorm newer information, examples and accomplishments to bring to the second interview.

Try to prepare with an even higher intensity and depth than you had done for your first interview. This time you must delve deeper into the research that you have been carrying on about the company. You can consider talking to company insiders as well. You may even try to conduct informational interviews with those folks of the company who are not the ones involved in your actual interview. Ensure updating yourself about the recent developments related to the industry through reviews of trade publications.

Bring adequate number of your copies of resume to be distributed among all the people who will be interviewing you. The second interview can actually be a series of different interviews across a whole day in both group/panel and individual formats. Different managers, department heads, senior executives and potential team members may interview you.

Do pay attention to fact that fitting into the company is very crucial. A primary reason that the employer calls you for the second interview is to see how best you are able to fit into the culture of the company. Realize that interviewers in the second round want to learn how much you will be able to get along with different team members. Deploy the very best communication and interpersonal skills. However remember not to force yourself to artificially fit into the whole scenario, as sooner or later you might realize that the company is not a good fit, and you may be unhappy working n the environment.

The questions in the second interview may be designed to delve deeper into your psyche or may target particular technical skills. You must be prepared to handle both. You can keep your responses fresh by prior gathering of knowledge related to each interviewer, and customizing your response to the particular person.

Do expect to be asked behavioral questions in second interviews, and case study questions. Focus on the clues that highlight the concerns, needs, issues as well as the problems you would be likely to handle being a part of the organization.

Finally, you should be prepared to ask a lot of questions this time more refined enquiries than what you did on your first interview. You should also be prepared to negotiate when the question of salary/benefits arise.

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