Salary Negotiation

Do's and Don'ts

Most people do not include salary negotiation as a part of their list of desirable activities. However each one of us nurses the desire to be paid for what we are worth. Thus mastering the right technique of salary negotiation should be top of any employee’s agenda. The do's and don’ts relating to salary negotiation will help you obtain the ideal salary, whether you are accepting an offer of a job or making a request for a salary raise.

• Do a research of salaries in your own field: Keep track of current salary surveys, consult those who work in your industry or field, and connect with your professional or trade association to get an idea of what people are getting for similar type of work. Do not make unnecessary comparisons with friends who earn more money as they might not be working in your field.

• Do take into account about the quality and the number of years of experience you have. Be realistic about your expectations.

• Do not mention about your financial requirements while going in for salary negotiations. Thus your boss should not know that you need more money to take care of inflated bills or that your child will start college.

• Do honestly discuss about the pay that you well deserve. Keep highlighting your past accomplishments as well as your future plans towards the company’s growth. Also bring in reference of salaries of other people in similar field.

• Try not to broach the salary topic prior to the employer doing it. Postpone salary negotiations till the time you know for certain what the particular position entails.

• Do let your employer first propose a salary.

• You should not inflate your present earnings in order to bag a better deal.

• Do not jump to accept the initial salary offer by the employer. You should thank for the salary offer and take some time to think over and consider all the factors before going in for any salary negotiation.

• Do not be excessively aggressive in salary negotiations. Try to concentrate on the whole compensation package that is offered.

One major thing to keep in mind about salary negotiation is to be flexible. Keep an open mind and be ready to compromise to some extent as there is no such thing as ideal package or salary. Do try and obtain several other concessions like better workspace, better title or other benefits such as bonuses when you are not fully successful in negotiating the salary which you desire. Finally, make sure your employer gives you the salary offer in a documented form.

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