Questions You May Ask

Finally now it is your turn to ask questions. As your interview comes to an end, you may face the final question from the interviewer – "Do you have any questions to ask me?" You must keep ready your own set of interview questions to ask the interviewer. Your aim simply should not be just making an effort to get the job, but also to evaluate if the company and the particular position are your right fit.

Here are a few examples of questions that you may ask your interviewer.

• Would you give a description of the responsibilities that come with the position?
• Would you give a detailed description of a typical week or a day associated with this position?
• Is the position a newly formed one? If not, what had the previous employer done?
• Could you give a brief on the company’s typical management style?
• Who should I report to if I join this position – will it be possible to meet with him or her?
• How many persons work for this department or in this office?
• What is the amount of travel that is required for this position?
• Is there a possibility of relocation?
• What is a typical working week like? Is working overtime expected?
• What are growth and advancement prospects in the organization?
• How can I advance within the company?
• Can you state a few examples wherein individuals have made advancements?
• What are the few things you like regarding work here?
• What are the things you do not appreciate about working in this office and how and what changes do you propose?
• Do you want a list of my references?
• If I get the job offer, how fast would you want me to get started?
• What can I tell you more about my skills and qualifications?
• When do I expect you to revert to me?

Avoid asking these questions:

• What does the company deal with? Your interviewer will expect you to have done a prior research on the organization.
• When can I take a time off to go on a vacation? You should wait till you get your job offer in hand before mentioning prior commitments.
• Will I be permitted to bring a change in my schedule after I get the job? This is not the right time for figuring out logistics of daily working. You should wait till you actually get your final appointment call.

Do not show your impatience or desperation with regard to whether you have got the job or not. You must wait and watch. The employer will surely inform you sooner or later.

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