Preparing for an Interview

Congratulations! Finally all those hard work of sending the cover letters as well as resumes has finally borne fruit – you have been asked to attend a face-to-face interview. Remember that in this competitive world, there are at least dozens of other qualified candidates who are vying for that job. Thus it is mandatory for you to stand out distinctly as someone really special and fit for that particular job.

Prepare and Plan: The greater preparation you do beforehand, the better are your chances of stepping out with a smile after the interview ends.

a) Try and research the organization beforehand so that it will be possible for you to showcase the knowledge during your interview. This should immensely enhance your credibility in the eyes of the interviewer and also help you to frame pertinent and intelligent questions to the person interviewing.
b) Get to know the location of the office beforehand and also how to reach there. You should have a fair idea of the approximate time taken to travel there. Keep the name as well as the phone number handy of the individual you are supposed to meet with. Get rid of unnecessary stress and save time by preparing these little things before the interview.
c) Get yourself a fresh haircut, have your nails trimmed and wear neat and professional looking clothing.
d) Secure references of at least three important people – former colleagues, supervisors or instructors who will be willing to act as professional references. Ensure to get their permission earlier and be sure that these people will speak well about you when contacted by your future employer.

Practice and Rehearse: Rehearsing beforehand is the key to giving a successful interview. Do some mental planning and devote your time and energies to prepare certain common frequently asked questions like “Tell me about yourself”, “Why should we hire you”?, “What are your strengths and weaknesses”?, “Why do you want to work for this organization”? etc. You may consider conducting several mock interview sessions with a trustworthy friend of yours.

Research the company and occupation: Carry out the company research much in advance, in order to relax prior to the interview and avoid scrambling for getting ready for the interview in the last moment. You should have some knowledge about the products and services of the company, the size, annual revenues, the functions and job titles, as well as the interviewer’s name/title including his or her role in the overall hiring process.

Make a checklist: Prepare a checklist consisting of documents which you will require for the upcoming interview and ensure they are present in the briefcase before you leave home. The documents are additional copies of your Resume, a driving license, and a passport. Social Security card or portfolios consisting of your writing samples or your other forms of professional work are other documents which may be kept. If you have finished your graduation recently, you can also get along the college transcripts.

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