How to Follow Up and Get That Job?

Follow up Letter Do's and don'ts, Common mistakes

Subsequent to an interview for a job, there are some ways to keep the prospective employer’s attention as well as interest on you, which will increase the likelihood of you being hired by the company.

1. You should immediately frame a “thank you” letter addressed to your interviewer. Do it without wasting time, immediately on that evening itself, so that the interviewer gets it next day or the day after.

2. You can also send a “follow up” letter subsequently within a week to reach the interviewer within the decision making period. You may also club the thank you note and the follow up letter together and send it within a day or two after the interview.

3. If you got the interview through a recruiting agency, contact your recruiter immediately and tell them what you think.

A follow up letter should convey that you still have interest in the organization’s current concerns as well as opportunities. You also have something particular to contribute for the benefit of the company. A follow up letter also gives a subtle hint to the employer about your eagerness to hear from the organization.

• You should be reiterating your qualifications and skills in your follow up letter. It should express your utmost sincerity and interest.
• Do not make spelling or grammatical errors. Proofread again and again before sending the follow up letter. A poorly written follow up letter which is filled with numerous mistakes will increase your chances of being eliminated, rather than being hired.
• Keep the tone of the follow up letter formal. The letter must have a smooth flow if you think that a nice connection has been made with the interviewer. However make sure to avoid projecting over familiarity with the interviewer.
• The paper you use for writing a follow up letter should be of a good quality and both the appearance of the letter and the envelope should convey thorough professionalism. After you neatly type your follow up letter, you should personally sign it in black or blue ink. These days e-mail is the best way to follow up so make sure you have the interviewers’ business card.
• After the completion of an interview in a company, it is mandatory that you should send a follow up letter to each interviewer. This is because each individual has separate concerns as well as reasons to participate in the hiring/selection process. For this purpose you should ideally create different follow up letters.

An effective thank you or a follow up letter is thus a surefire technique for distinguishing yourself from the ocean of similar other qualified jobseekers.

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