After the Interview

Remember that only half your job is done after you finish with your interview. You cannot just sit back and keep waiting for the job offer to come by. You should consider certain important rules as well as strategies to follow up on your job interview.

• Do enquire at the end of your interview about the probable amount of time the employer would take to finalize the decision with regard to hiring.

• Be a little more proactive and do consider following up an important part of your entire job search process. Follow-up provides you the edge that you need for getting the offer over other candidates who were interviewed for that position.

• Do make use of the follow-up techniques and continue showing your enthusiasm and craving for that job position, but make sure not to reveal any form of desperation.

• Do collect the right titles and also the names of those people who had interviewed you. Try to obtain the business cards of each person.

• Do remember to write separate “thank you” letters or notes to every person who had interviewed you, maximum within one or two business days. The essence of each letter may be same, but bring in slight variations in the content. Do not forget to send a thank you note after each interview, even when you are sure you are not going to land up with the job.

• In the “thank you” letter, express your appreciation to the employer for giving you the opportunity for the interview and also do provide a subtle reminder to the employer on the fact that you are actually the fit candidate for the particular position.

• Do not unnecessarily give importance to typed versus handwritten thank you letters. Either kind is fine, if it serves the purpose. However, make sure not to make the mistake of sending it by a wrong medium. The best method to use is via regular mail, fax or email. Make sure there are no inadvertent typing errors or misspellings.

• You can follow up the employer in the form of a telephone call, between a week to ten days time or earlier to enquire regarding the position. Also keep continuing to build the rapport and selling your strengths during your phone calls.

• Try to be patient. Sometimes the entire hiring process takes longer than expected.

Continue with your follow-ups, especially if the potential employer tells you to do so. However try not to go overboard to the point of annoying or bothering the employer. Try not to place undue importance on a single job offer or a single interview. There will surely be other opportunities knocking at your door.

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